Dragster 12'5

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  • SW10165
DESCRIPTION This board represents the advanced concept of Moki CTC (Competition Touring... mehr
Produktinformationen "Dragster 12'5"

This board represents the advanced concept of Moki CTC (Competition Touring Concept).
Dragster is designed to face up long distances and it has really got a racing soul. It will be the board to beat in the new touring class up to 12’5” in all-round/race competitions.
The special design of the hull and the volume distribution make this board incredibly fast in the flat water, sliding upwind and very fluid in the downwind. A board that remains accessible and stable, with all the comfort on board to be a perfect board for sports tourism or exploration.



  • Fast cruising, exploring, fitness, touringcompetition.


  • Length: 12’3’’
  • Width: 28 1516”
  • Thickness: 6 916’’
  • Volume: 230 L
  • Weight: 13 kg (+-500gr)


  • Superlight EPS foam (14 kgm3), Epoxy, 3K Carbon, Pvc/carbon patch deck reinforcement (S.A.), Natural double sandwich bamboo veneer and full carbon rails. Matt Finish.


  • Shape: pronounced keel  / Slight concave center / flat tail
  • Fins set up: Single
  • Fins size: 9’’ (Usbox) Central fin
  • Automatic valve in Goretex: YES
  • Eva deck pad: YES
  • Sail plug: NO
  • Leash plug: Single
  • Carrier bag/container on the deck’s surface:YES



  • Fin
  • Deluxe bag
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